South America could lose up to US$ 17 trillion due to climatics changes.

According to a Deloitte recent relatory, in five decades the climatics changes could cause a loss of US$ 17 trillion for South America and Brazil will be one of most affected countries by this.

“We already see an imbalance today in Brazil, with excessive rainfall in certains places and others with drought. If weather patterns continue to change, they will certainly bring losses to the sector. But this is not the only sector that will be affected.”, says Anselmo Bonservizzi, partner of Deloitte.

The study points out that areas like health, infrastructure, manufacturing and finance will be affected by these climate changes, which will also cause the loss of 18 million jobs in South America, in addition to immeasurable monetary losses.

For Anselmo, companies must make commitments and establish environmental goals in order to reverse this situation and concludes: “Every time climate change advances, its reversal becomes more difficult”.