BPC Partners Expands the Outsourcing Service Division

Welcoming Fernando Poli Junior:

New executive brings more Outsourcing service expertise to BPC Partners São Paulo office

Fernando Poli

Fernando brings extensive client service experience and business acumen to our outsourcing service division. We consider that leveraging these assets, he provides our BPC Partners Outsourcing practice with tremendous growth opportunities.  

Fernando has a professional background in business, namely in the accounting and outsourcing services. Prior to joining BPC Partners Brazil, he worked in two other large Audit & Outsourcing firms for 12 years, where he handled major client accounts and developed efficient business solutions. The cross sell experience and interaction within int´l offices is one the main target to explore new business opportunities for BPC Partners.

Fernando´s professional history also includes his work in a North American multinational company on the entertainment segment, where he worked for 12 years as Operation and Finance Director. 

A graduate of São Luis University (São Paulo), Fernando has a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He also holds a graduation in International business Administration by University of California (Los Angeles).