We are ambitious and highly determined to satisfy our clients.

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We area a middle sized international Group with a subsidiary in Brazil. We are working with BPC Partners since early 2017; prior to that, we tried other offices without satisfactory results.

Indeed, we were firstly looking for a real partner which could properly do all the necessary and mandatory Brazillian accounting and administrative tasks for our subsidiary. We were also looking for a local specialist who could quickly and easily explain and solve accounting, tax and payroll issues; for this we were ready to pay higher fees.

BPC Partners has delivered since the very beginning. Reactive, proactive, fast and rigorous replies to our doubts, the service has been above expectations. And, the icing on the cake, BPC Partners has identified tax savings: we area now saving more than R$ 20.000 a month!

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Seit 2015 arbeiten wir mit BPC Partners zusammen.

BPC Partners nimmt für uns die monatlichen wiederkehrenden, buchhalterischen Aufgaben des Rechnungswesens in Sao Paulo war. Unter anderem unterstützt uns BPC Partners bei der Durchführung des Zahlungsverkehrs sowie der Ermittlung der dabei anfallenden kommunalen, nationalen und internationalen Steuern und Abgaden. Darüber hinaus beraten sie uns, bei diversen im täglichen Geschäftsleben anfallenden Angelegenheiten.

In proaktiver Form unterbreitet uns das Team von BPC Partners Lösungen zur Reduzierung von Abgaben und Steuern, sowie für die Abwicklung von internationalen Transaktionen.

Begünstigt durch die europäischen Wurzeln von Teilen der Belegschaft, kann das Team gezielt auf die speziellen Wünsche und Sorgen internationaler Firmen eingehen, Die profunden Antworten werden stets exakt und termingerecht gegeben und entsprechen auch den Vorstellungen der Gesellschaft in Deutschland.

Das, für den Service angebotene Honorar ist komplett und klar strukturiert. Die Preise sind fair.

Das junge und dynamische, international aufgestellte Team von Wirtschaftsfachleuten konnte uns auch menschlich überzeugen.

Für uns hat sich BPC Partners als wahrer Partner erwiesen.

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We selected BPC Partners when Deezer arrived in Brazil in early 2013 for all accounting, taxes and administrative support. This was a great choice.

BPC Partners has been delivering throughout 4 years now. On top pf monthly accounts and monthly tax calculations, BPC Partners has helped with international tax issues. They are specialised in international companies, do reply accurately and respect deadlines, and can communicate perfectly with our Head Office in Europe, this makes BPC Partners different from most of accounting companies.

On top of that the fess are very much below those of the Big 4, and with no or very few extra fess during the year. Certainly one of the best choice for Western companies doing business in Brazil.

Corporate Presentation

The BPC Partners Official Presentation for 2020 is available online. Know more

Transparency International


We’re committed to observing the laws and regulations fighting against corruption, and fully adhere to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Corporate Responsibility


1% of our turnover to ARCA DO SABER since 2017. Know more

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Foreign executives doing business in Brazil quickly find out that the business environment is quite challenging – to say the least.

Brazil is ranked 124th
on the Ease-of-Doing-Business index and has the most complex tax system in the world.
Bureaucracy, taxes, accounting requirements, labor regulations, and the culture gap are just some of the obstacles foreign companies face.

BPC Partners was born from this difficult business world – foreigners living in

Brazil that decided to team up with Brazilian professionals who have international experience, to offer specialized services tailored for companies doing business in Brazil

That’s the DNA of BPC Partners.