Micro and small companies have a significant participation in the Brazilian economy

Micro and small companies have been standing out in the Services sector and currently account for 30% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Brazil. Per year, the sector is responsible for 78% of the jobs generated, that is: more than half. Speaking of revenues, per year, they reach up to R$ 3 trillion.

The Services sector is the largest holder of micro and small companies, but others also stand out, such as: Commerce, Industry and Civil Construction. The Infrastructure Development Secretary of the Productivity and Competitiveness Secretariat, Alexandre Ywata, points out that this concentration in the Services area is common in mature economies, as it leverages the productive arrangements of other sectors, which drives the creation of jobs.

Ywata also claims that the implementation of 5G in Brazil marks a great opportunity for micro and small entrepreneurs, who can have their ventures boosted and positively impacted by the new technology.