São Paulo leads the ranking of the best cities to undertake in Brazil

According to the Entrepreneurial Cities Index (ICE), produced by the National School of Public Administration (ENAP), São Paulo is considered the best city for entrepreneurship in Brazil. With more than 12 million inhabitants, the capital of São Paulo is the largest city in the country and an important financial and cultural center.

The ICE evaluates several aspects relevant to entrepreneurship, such as the regulatory environment, infrastructure, market, access to capital, innovation and entrepreneurial culture. São Paulo stands out in the regulatory environment and infrastructure, occupying the 7th position in both categories. In addition, it is a leader in access to capital, offering several financing options for new businesses. The city also has a favorable environment for innovation, occupying the 5th position in this regard.

Other factors that contribute to São Paulo’s leading position in the ranking are its strategic location, which facilitates access to other important markets, and the diversity of economic sectors present in the city, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs from different areas.