Unicorns Race: which will be the next Brazilian startups to reach this level?

The desire of many companies is to become a “Unicorn”, which means reaching a valuation of 1 billion dollars before going public on the stock exchange. The path to achieving this status can vary in terms of time, taking an average of 6 to 9 years of dedication and synergy between the different departments, such as Administration, Marketing, Sales and Finance, with the strategic support of specialized accounting.

Released annually since 2019, a survey by the Distrito platform indicates startups with the potential to reach the much-desired billionaire market value. For 2023, small companies with the potential to reach the mark later this year were evaluated, considering criteria such as total amounts already raised and the main performance indicators of the sectors in which each of the startups is inserted.

The result is a list of 50 startups, of which 10 are among the most likely to achieve unicorn status. Alura, Cerc, Cora, Evino, Flash, Omie, Órigo Energia, Petlove, Pismo and Solfácil stand out as candidates to reach billionaire valuation before going public on the stock exchange.

In Brazil, to achieve this status, it is crucial to consider all aspects of the business, including the formation of a competent financial team. Accounting advice plays an important role, especially with regard to fiscal management and control in the country.

If the objective is to operate in Brazil with the goal of becoming a unicorn, selecting an adequate financial team and accounting is essential, due to the complexity of fiscal management in the country. BPC Partners is a company with international experience in this segment and serves several unicorn companies established in Brazil.