Webinar about opening a subsidiary in Brazil with the Swiss Business Hub Brazil

Webinar about opening a subsidiary in Brazil with the Swiss Business Hub Brazil

Watch our Webinar with the Swiss Business Hub Brazil about opening and managing a subsidiary company in Brazil.

1) Introduction: Why Swiss SMEs are opening their subsidiaries in Brazil? Letícia de Sena Caritá, Swiss Business Hub Brazil.

2) How to create a subsidiary in Brazil from the legal perspective? – Rafael Rodriguez Laurnagaray and Tiago Tomasczeski, Küster Machado (Law Firm).

3) What are the main costs and taxes to consider when opening a small subsidiary in Brazil? Arnaud Bleuez, BPC Partners (Accounting Firm)

4) Q&A session with Swiss companies participating

Working with local distributors is the preferred entry mode of Swiss SMEs in Brazil. Notwithstanding, the Swiss Business Hub Brazil has seen a growing interest from Swiss companies already active in the market that want to migrate from a distribution model to the creation of their own subsidiary in the country. Various reasons support this decision, the main ones being the intention to have more control over the business, the need to have its own sales team, and the search for optimal tax and import structures.

However, it is also known that the country’s bureaucracy and complexities may challenge new comers, especially small and medium-sized companies. In this webinar, the goal of the SBH Brazil and our experts from Küster Machado (legal) and BPC-Partners (accounting) is to overcome this barrier and explain what Swiss SMEs need to know before opening their subsidiaries in Brazil, with an uncomplicated and direct approach.

On the legal perspective, Küster Machado will talk about the main forms of doing business, the steps to open a company in Brazil, the RADAR (import license), VISA conditions for foreign Managing Directors, and the main do’s and don’ts for the company creation, based on their experience with foreign clients. On the accounting perspective, BPCPartners will use business cases to present the main running costs required for a small subsidiary to operate in Brazil and the most important taxes to consider, besides commenting on the possibility to outsource accounting and finance in order for the subsidiary team to concentrate on the business itself.

Available on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSK9dOgyXQs

Source: https://www.s-ge.com/en/event/webinar/opening-subsidiary-brazil