Legal Representation in Brazil

Legal representation of stakeholders, Attorney-in-fact

When doing business in Brazil, a foreign company must permanently maintain a legal representative with powers to sign on behalf of the foreign partners, solve issues related to the business, respond in a legal capacity, and receive summons on behalf of the company overseas. This appointed legal representative does not necessarily have to be a Brazilian, nor is a Brazilian partner required. However, if the legal representative is a foreigner he/she must be resident and domiciled in Brazil with a permanent visa.

Legal representation of your Brazilian subsidiary

The Brazilian « Administrador »

The CEO/General Manager (Administrador in Portuguese) of your company must be an individual with permanent residence. We can take on this responsibility; however, it must remain non-operational. It can be short-term in case your soon to be CEO is in the process of getting a permanent visa, or long-term in case you do not have an expat to manage your local company and wish to have a trustworthy professional to control and secure your operations in Brazil.

The Administrador may be, but does not have to be a shareholder. The shareholders, who may attribute a specific designation to the Administrador, make his appointment. The manager’s roles and responsibilities are set forth in applicable legislation and the company’s articles of association. 

Legal headquarters for companies

A prestigious address in downtown São Paulo, or in Rio de Janeiro.

If your company sells services, it can be officially based out of our addresses in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro (Industrial and Commercial/Trading companies must have their own address and cannot share a common address). Our addresses are in the commercial district of São Paulo (Edificio Italia), and Rio de Janeiro (near Maua Place).