Audit and Due Diligence in Brazil

Due Diligence and audit in Brazil.

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Pay attention to the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) regime of your Brazilian entity.. Every year, in January, you can decide which CIT regime you will apply: REAL or PRESUMIDO. The impact on your annual result can be very significant.

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Accounting in Brazil


Regulatory or internal audit to verify the Financial Statements of your Brazilian subsidiary (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statements, Cash flow statements, statements of shareholders’ equity). We apply international standards of audit and deliver consulting on top of regular audit work.


Through our financial review, we contribute valuable insight, and our analysis and findings provide decision makers with a better foundation for decisions. BPC Partners has experience with small and medium scale due diligence (over 20 million USD), some of them with Unicorns. We focus our review on the areas that are important to the specific transaction. Our international team can better understand client´s needs, and truly make a difference.


To ensure an efficient sales process the vendor should present clear and concise financial information to potential buyers. An independent review gives potential buyers confidence and insight into the business, and the underlying profitability.

Our specialists will be working together with company management and their financial advisors to ensure that relevant opportunities and challenges are identified and that appropriate steps are taken to address them.


Organizational Audit, Corporate Governance Audit, Contracts Audit, Procedures Diagnosis, Specific Audits tailored to your needs.


  • In the list of services, one new service: Employer of Record in Brazil


BPC Partners EOR (Employer of Record) solution makes it easy for you to expand business in Brazil. The best part is, you can scale up your business without setting up a subsidiary unit in the nation. Our in-country experts will also manage taxation and compliances for you. With EOR, you avoid the legal services necessary to set up a company in Brazil, and the fees for an Attorney in fact and a local CEO/Administrator (legal conditions in Brazil).

Mandatory employee health benefits in Brazil include medical and dental care, lump-sum death benefits, pensions, and retirement plans, and maternity and paternity leaves. Rather than investing time in understanding the confusing and complex labor laws, compensation, and benefits mandates in Brazil, it is advisable to collaborate with a local payroll provider like BPC Partners. Our team based in Brazil is made up of Brazilians and foreigners, and all can speak English to have a smooth onboarding process and reply to all questions within 24h max.



Labor law is governed by a code called the CLT (“Consolidaçao das Leis do Trabalho”). The INSS (National Institute of Social Security) manages the pension system and social security.

Social law is highly developed in Brazil. Although it is quite easy to dismiss an employee in Brazil (certainly easier than in most of countries of continental Europe), regulations grant employees many rights of appeal. Thus, there are nearly 2 million lawsuits filed before the Labor Court each year.

On the other hand, staff turnaround is very high compared to Western standards, this being rather part of Brazilian culture than just the result of macro-economic factors.

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Financial advisory specialized in companies in Brazil

Foreign executives doing business in Brazil

quickly gind out that the business environment

is quite challenging – to say the least

Foreign executives doing
business in Brazil quickly
gind out that the business
environment is quite challenging
- to say the least